Frozen, refrigerated and/or heated transport anywhere in Europe

Food products transport and retail stocking throughout Europe

  • Up to three different temperatures in the same transport
  • Cheaper delivery for shipments of up to 12 europallets, 7 block pallets or 20 roll containers
  • Delivery to all city center locations in Europe, even hard-to-reach addresses
  • We deliver at the time you need
  • 24/7 service, including weekends
  • Transport for online shops

Stocking shops and superyachts

Do you have a time-sensitive shipment or a delivery that needs to go to a location that lorries can’t access? Or maybe you need to stock up a superyacht? Our vans are ready to roll for you.


Food products transport

Need to keep your food products at the right temperature during transport? All our vans can transport your shipment at any temperature from -20 to +25 °C, and we can even set up three different temperature zones within the same transport.

Food products transport

Shipment of medicines

Do you have medicines for the healthcare sector that you need to transport? Every day, we transport medicines in temperature-controlled conditions to hospitals, chemists, and wholesalers all over Europe.

Shipment of medicines

Transporting and distributing vaccines

Temperature-controlled shipments of vaccines every day, without any delay? Our GDP-certified drivers transport vaccines throughout Europe and are available 24/7.

Transporting vaccines

Online shop shipping

Got a large package or multiple packages to send to a customer? Our vans have 26 m² of space that you can pack the way you want.

Online shop shipping

Express deliveries in Europe

Got a shipment that has to get somewhere in Europe right away? Our driver is on the way within one hour. We keep you informed of exactly where your shipment is.

Express shipments
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Our online price calculator can only be used when you have a single loading address and a single delivery address. If you have multiple addresses, please email your request to: You’ll receive a response within one hour.

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Special Deliveries


  • Maximum length of your package = 430 cm
  • Maximum width of your package = 125 cm
  • Maximum height of pallet stack = 1.70 m (1.60 m under the cooling engine)
  • Weight = max. 3,500 kg

Yes, you can download it here.

No, we transport anything that can fit in a van with trailer, so you can come to us with any shipment, even those that don’t need to be refrigerated. For example, we regularly transport wooden tabletops for an online furniture store and deliver them in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Yes, we definitely can. In consultation with you, we will plan a route to allow our transport to call at every address you need. On longer routes, our drivers spend the night in a hotel and pick up again the next day.

Yes, all our vehicles are equipped with systems that let us know exactly where your goods are at all times. Of course, you can use them to track your shipment as well. With the login information that we provide, you can see exactly where your shipment is.

Dualtemp means that there are two evaporators in the same van. Each can be set to a different temperature. By placing a flexible partition in the van, we create two compartments, which allows us to transport both frozen and refrigerated products in the same transport.

Our vans are equipped with 2 evaporators and with a flexible partition that allow us to make two separate compartments in the van. This allows us to, for example, transport both frozen and refrigerated goods in the same van. An additional temperature can also be set in the trailer.

Yes, we can. After your shipment is unloaded, we can run a printout of the temperature readings and provide it to you.

Our vans and drivers are not equipped to meet the requirements needed to be allowed to transport hazardous materials. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept shipments of hazardous materials.

Yes, our vans are ideal for shipping medicines because we can set any required temperature. This means that we can set the optimal temperature for the transport of medicines and medical cargo.

We work exclusively with Dutch drivers who are also conversant in English and German.

How much will fit in a van?

  • 6 europaletts or
  • 4 block pallets or
  • 8 roll containers

How much will fit in a trailer?

  • 6 europaletts
  • 3 block pallets
  • 11 roll containers

Maximum loading height:
1.70 m (1.60 m below the cooling engine)
Total weight: 3,500 kg.

Special Deliveries

Send a package or shipment express or with extra attention

Do you have a shipment or package that needs extra attention? Whether it’s frozen or refrigerated food products or delivery to addresses that lorries can’t reach, Special Deliveries guarantees that your shipment gets anywhere in Europe fast and safely. No matter how large or how small. All our vans are fully temperature-controlled, and we can configure them to have three different temperature zones in each transport. And you’ll find that shipping by van and trailer can be faster and cheaper than shipping by lorry. So you save time and money.

About us

Special Deliveries

Since 2018, Special Deliveries has been handling the shipment of goods that need extra special attention. We saw a a growing need for this type of transport among our customers, who were looking for a carrier that could guarantee express shipments, time-sensitive shipments, and delivery to hard-to-reach locations.

Keeping you informed about your shipment every step of the way is just something we do. Just like being proactive in our work. Along with our extensive network of regular delivery lines, we also guarantee that when you have an express shipment our driver will be on the way to you within one hour.

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  • Up to three different temperatures in the same transport
  • Cheaper delivery for shipments of up to 12 europallets, 7 block pallets or 20 roll containers
  • Delivery to all city center locations in Europe, even hard-to-reach addresses
  • We deliver at the time you need