For food products transport and stocking in all European cities

Special Deliveries: Frozen, refrigerated and/or heated transport anywhere in Europe

  • Climate-controlled transport throughout Europe by van and trailer
  • Up to three different temperatures in the same transport
  • 18 transport professionals at work for you every day
  • Online shop shipping
  • High-value goods
  • Personal attention to your products
  • Representative, (Dutch) drivers

How Special Deliveries came to be

Since 2018, Special Deliveries has been handling the shipment of goods that need extra special attention. We saw a growing need for this type of transport among our customers, who were looking for a carrier that could guarantee express shipments, time-sensitive shipments, and delivery to hard-to-reach locations. So, in the summer of 2018, Van Thiel Transport (est. 1989) set up its Special Deliveries department.

That department grew so fast that just two years later, we spun it off into its own business unit: Special Deliveries B.V.

Keeping you informed about your shipment every step of the way is just something we do. Just like being proactive in our work. Along with our extensive network of regular delivery lines, we also guarantee that when you have an express shipment our driver will be on the way to you within one hour.

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  • Up to three different temperatures in the same transport
  • Cheaper delivery for shipments of up to 12 europallets, 7 block pallets or 20 roll containers
  • Delivery to all city center locations in Europe, even hard-to-reach addresses
  • We deliver at the time you need