The best rates for transporting multiple shipments from your online shop

Online shop transport: When you send a lot of packages

  • Delivery throughout Europe
  • Damage-free delivery
  • Arrange your shipment yourself: europallets, block pallets, roll containers, or loose product
  • For hard-to-reach locations and time-sensitive shipments
  • We also deliver to private addresses throughout Europe
  • Transport of high-value materials
  • Personal attention to your products

Shipping out from your online shop

Do you have an online shop, and do you need to get your orders out daily or weekly? Our transport vans can get your package to your customers anywhere in Europe.

We make our transport as efficient as possible with optimal route planning and by eliminating almost all loading stops. So your business and private customers get their orders in hand as fast as humanly possible. We can also offer you the best possible rates, depending on number of addresses –nationally or within the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany.

Delivery service for online shops

Are you looking for economical shipping for large packages? We offer a delivery service for large packages specially for online shops. Because we give your packages personal attention and do everything possible to avoid transshipment, every package you ship arrives damage-free.

Special Deliveries works with clean vans and only reliable, trained, presentable and polite (Dutch) drivers. We know that our drivers represent your company to your customers!

Price calculator

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Our online price calculator can only be used when you have a single loading address and a single delivery address. If you have multiple addresses, please email your request to: You’ll receive a response within one hour.

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Where all are we driving right now?


5x a week, we deliver frozen and refrigerated foods to locations in Belgium.


3x a week, we carry a shipment of frozen and refrigerated foods to a store in Berlin.


2x a week, we deliver frozen and refrigerated foods to a shopping centre in Paris.

Harbours in stocking superyachts regularly throughout every summer season.


'At this point, I’ve tried quite a few different carriers for my online shop. Every time, my shipments would arrive damaged. But ever since I’ve been using Special Deliveries B.V., there’s basically never any damage anymore. Now that I can count on reliable shipping for my packages, I can focus my advertising more on the Dutch, Belgian and German markets.'


Online shop shipping

  • Maximum length of your package = 430 cm
  • Maximum width of your package = 125 cm
  • Maximum height of pallet stack = 1.70 m (1.60 m under the cooling engine)
  • Weight = max. 3,500 kg

Yes, you can download it here.

Yes, we deliver to any address in Europe, including private addresses.

No, we transport anything that can fit in a van with trailer, so you can come to us with any shipment, even those that don’t need to be refrigerated. For example, we regularly transport wooden tabletops for an online furniture store and deliver them in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Of course, we can also ship the empty packaging back and deliver it to the location you specify.

Yes, we definitely can. In consultation with you, we will plan a route to allow our transport to call at every address you need. On longer routes, our drivers spend the night in a hotel and pick up again the next day.

Yes, all our vehicles are equipped with systems that let us know exactly where your goods are at all times. Of course, you can use them to track your shipment as well. With the login information that we provide, you can see exactly where your shipment is.

We work exclusively with Dutch drivers who are also conversant in English and German.

How much will fit in a van?

  • 6 europaletts or
  • 4 block pallets or
  • 8 roll containers

How much will fit in a trailer?

  • 6 europaletts
  • 3 block pallets
  • 11 roll containers

Maximum loading height:
1.70 m (1.60 m below the cooling engine)
Total weight: 3,500 kg.

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  • Up to three different temperatures in the same transport
  • Cheaper delivery for shipments of up to 12 europallets, 7 block pallets or 20 roll containers
  • Delivery to all city center locations in Europe, even hard-to-reach addresses
  • We deliver at the time you need